Bee Happy Box

Bee Happy Box



Buzz-worthy News!

Introducing our new Bee-Themed Graze Box!  Perfect for any occasion that deserves a sweet, savory, and oh-so-stylish touch. Here are some fun and creative ways to gift this delightful box:

  1. New Ba-Bee: “Congrats on the new ba-bee in your hive! Celebrate with a charcuterie box as sweet as your little one.”
  2. Bee-ing Awesome: “You’re the bee’s knees! Thanks for bee-ing so awesome. Enjoy this buzz-worthy treat.”
  3. Anniversary: “Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more years of bee-ing together.”
  4. Bee-day Bash: “Happy Bee-day! Celebrate your special day with a charcuterie box that’s the bee’s knees.”
  5. Just Bee-cause: “Just bee-cause you’re amazing. Treat yourself to a graze box that’s sweet and savory.”
  6. Housewarm-ing: “Welcome to your new hive! Here’s a charcuterie box to make your housewarming bee-autiful.”
  7. Bee-lated Birthday: “Sorry for the buzzkill, but happy bee-lated birthday! Enjoy this sweet surprise.”
  8. Bride-to-Bee: “Congrats to the bride-to-bee! Celebrate with a charcuterie box as sweet as your love story.”
  9. Bee-well Soon: “Bee-well soon! This cheesy box is sure to bring some sweetness to your recovery.”
  10. Promoted to Queen Bee: “Congrats on your promotion, Queen Bee! Here’s a charcuterie box to celebrate your new reign.”

Order yours today and make any occasion extra sweet and special!

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Petite Box (Individual), Small Box (3-5 guests), Medium Box (6-8 guests), Large Box (10-12 guests), Small Platter (15-20 guests), Large Platter (25-30 guests)

Bamboo Platters

All grazing platters are made on 100% bamboo rectangular platters that are ready to set out and enjoy. If you would like your spread made on one of our custom boards then after you have placed your platter order please call us to see if we have that option available.

We will not be able to make spreads on custom boards for Thanksgiving or Christmas orders pick-up days.